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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Good Practice Tips to Combat the Plaintiff[...]

August 29, 2013
A constant plaintiff theme is to attempt to demonstrate that com­munications between a resident’s treat­ing physician and the nursing home[...]

Kennedy Terminal Ulcer Recognized By CMS in[...]

August 29, 2013
Defending against complaints arising from the development of a pressure sore located in the sacrum or coccyx area typically involves[...]

Battle of the Experts – Two Recent[...]

August 29, 2013
Health care providers are required to meet the “standard of care” when treating patients and/or residents. So what exactly is[...]

Financial Regulation Since the 2008 Financial Crisis

August 29, 2013
By Mathew SchwartzFINRA, the largest independent regulator for securities firms doing business in the United States, has significantly increased enforcement[...]

Workers’ Compensation: Not Always an Employee’s Exclusive[...]

August 29, 2013
By justin SaarContrary to popular belief, Florida’s Workers’ Compensation law is not always a complete bar to employee litigation. Florida’s[...]

Retroactivity of Section 768.0755, Florida Statutes

August 29, 2013
Florida business owners received a helpful ruling from the Third District Court of Appeal in Kenz v. Miami-Dade County, 116[...]