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Publicly Traded Companies Beware of Potential New Suits Per the SEC’s Cyber Risk Disclosure Recommendations

By:  Sherry Schwartz On October 13, 2011, the Security Exchange Commission, Division of Corporations, released “new guidance” to the shareholder disclosure requirements of publicly traded companies.  Specifically, the SEC noted the significance of “cyber risks” in the scheme of assessing the overall risks and liabilities of a business.  The rationale for recommending the inclusion of Read More…

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Copyright Infringement on the Web:

PROTECTION AND IMMUNITY FOR THIRD PARTY PUBLICATIONS By:  Sherry M. Schwartz Title 17 of the United States Code is the cornerstone of US copyright law.  Modernization of this Act has been required to account for the massive transmission of intellectual property via the internet.  As many websites are interactive – invite interactive/third party comments, publications, Read More…

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