Legal Malpractice

The Legal Malpractice team of Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. is composed of extremely experienced and talented attorneys who have represented attorneys in a wide variety of matters.  Our defense team has the resources to address the wide spectrum of underlying matters and areas of practice that are at the heart of the malpractice claim.  Our approach to the effective defense of an attorney is to fully assess a matter as early as possible to identify all potential areas of concern and to formulate a proactive resolution strategy to resolve problems in a manner consistent with the needs and desires of our clients.  Unlike other types of professional malfeasance claims, a legal malpractice action has a set of rules and guidelines unto itself.  Legal malpractice cases consist of two cases in one –the malpractice claim and the underlying lawsuit or transaction.  Our clients benefit from our attorneys who assess and respond to the claim and the underlying lawsuit or transaction immediately.


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