CSK Partners Scott Shelton and Mike Merrill of the Firm’s Orlando office obtained a complete defense verdict in a trip and fall case this week in Orlando, Florida.  Plaintiff was a likeable, middle-age female resident of a HOA who was out walking with her husband when she tripped and fell over an uneven sidewalk on our property.  It was determined that the defendant had notice of the condition.  Plaintiff fractured her arm and, due to complications, had 3 surgeries and over $120,000 in past medicals.  At trial, she alleged CRPS as well as additional nerve damage.  The primary defense was the that condition was not dangerous and could have been avoided.  Plaintiff asked the jury for $1.1M, and the jury returned a complete defense verdict, awarding $0.00.  A very special thanks to CSK Associate Chente Nielschulz for working this case up and getting it ready to be tried as well.