Emergency Information

[content_protector password=”CSK911″ cookie_expires=”3 months” identifier=”emergencyinfo”]Hurricane Watch:

Current status: Updated 9/14/17 at 9:30 AM

Thursday, Sept 14th – Jacksonville Copeland is CLOSED. All other offices are open.



If the National Hurricane Center issues a Hurricane Watch:

  • All file cabinets are to be closed before leaving the office each day.
  • All paper is to be placed in drawers or files except for those materials on which you are working.
  • Window shades are to be pulled completely up and open
  • All paper is to be kept to a minimum in your work area.  Only keep out that material for which you are currently working.
  • All non-essential paper is to be placed in file cabinets or in boxes.  Label each of those boxes by printing your name on the inside and outside of the box lid.  Boxes are to be moved to interior space behind secretarial stations.  If you need assistance moving the boxes, please contact Office Services
  • All wall mounted items including pictures, diplomas, mirrors, etc. are to be removed from the walls of windowed offices and placed face down on the floor in the office.


Hurricane Warning:

If the National Hurricane Center issues a Hurricane Warning for any (or all) of the counties in which CSK has office locations our office and building in that county will be officially closed.  Additionally,

  • Ensure that all papers and materials are put away and your office/area is completely in compliance with all items as outlined in Hurricane Watch above.
  • If there is no protective glass or shutters on the windows of the office building affected, all electronics should be unplugged and removed from the outer offices.   If you are in an outer office space or area, simply unplug all electronic equipment.



Once we are under a Hurricane Watch and during open office hours, we will communicate via email regarding the status of the hurricane and possible office closings and re-openings.  After a building has been evacuated or after we have officially announced we are closing because of a hurricane, recorded status messages with instructions will be placed on the CSK emergency number as listed below and employees may leave messages for administration at the number as well should the need arise: